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Full Version: Redirect Template For Themes
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Do you need to make a page that simply redirects? Do you need that page to also show up in the menu? The solution is simple, simply follow these step and you'll be up and going.

Step 1.
Open up your favorite text editor. -I.E. Notepad++- and place the following code in said text editor.
<?php if(!defined('IN_GS')){ die('You cannot load this page directly.'); }
* @File: redirect.php
* @Package: GetSimple
* @Action: YOURTHEME
* *****************************************************/
header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: " . get_page_meta_keywords(false));
Save as redirect.php

Now upload "redirect.php" into your site in the theme directory you are using.

Step 2.
In GS simply create a new page and place the URL you want to redirect in the TAGS & Keywords field
and your done you can now have a page show up in the menu that simply rediects.
Keywords is probably not the best place for this, since plugins use them as tags for various stuff
What about using
<?php get_page_meta_desc(); ?>
Probably better