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Full Version: Can we build professional themes with it
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Hello all can we build professionals themes with GS or can we convert themeforest html themes to dynamic one's here on GS?
Seriously, how many threads do you need to start for the same question.
Really sorry but I am very excited to find GS CMS that is why Smile , anyway thanks for the link let me see it.
One more question go to this website and tell me can we link such advanced website with GS CMS. I know I have to design it but can we link it and easily update it from GS CMS, one of my client want to have such website,

thanks and waiting.
(2015-07-04, 09:52:49)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]

Hello I gone throught that tutorial and I am seeing that GS CMS is good to test out and I think I can make a website like this one but I need expert opinion on it. And I am sure you will help me, I will build the html and css part but can you help me how to make content as it appears in that website like for example you can see in that website there are six mobile phones in a row and they are having images, title, descroption and price so how can we do that? with GS , i know in html i have to use <td> and <tr> for it to work but how to make it use in GS?
You could probably use a component for this segment, or use a page for this and add these functions to your template.