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Full Version: 504 Gateway Time-out
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on one of my hosting for some time when switching to the tab Plugins began to appear this page
504 Gateway Time-out

Could be the api requests timing out, causing php to time out, But usually you don't get a 504 fro these, unless nginx does something different, I see these alot on the internet, I think its a problem with nginx in general.

We were even getting it on this site for a while.

I think they were related to fastcgi config
the answer of the support service provider: "When a more detailed analysis of Your question revealed that its decision is necessary to optimize the scripts of Your website, because resource-intensive queries."
but a month ago, all worked well.
Yeah bullshit, it is internal pages not public
I'll add ability to disable plugin Api checks and see if hat helps
Hosting much cheaper ($ 0.6 1gb for a single site), was sold this company in the past year, prices remain the same, maybe just trying to close it.
how many plugins you got?
on other hostings I get 25-30 plugins
I have about that, and it only takes like 3 seconds to load on cache refresh.
a month ago, this did not happen, it was the best my hosting
I am assuming you checked error log?
Turned on debugging ?
Most likely the script is trying to connect through a proxy server, which is currently unavailable and cannot process the request.
[Image: 504-error.jpg]
But it is odd that only the plugins page is having a problem.
But they might have their setup to drop all connections open for more than 500ms - 1s

You can try to do a backup and see if that fails ( since it takes while )

I am suspecting its the 19 curl requests going out all at once.

Test this, install 3.3.7 ( alpha )

to disable plugin checking

i also enabled api debugging, so your console will be full of api details with or without this setting.
sometimes an error occurs and you try to access the control panel.
I tried 3.3.7 - did not help.
but after loading the control panel Plugins tab boot faster - it pleases Smile