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Full Version: Fancybox version
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What version of Fancybox is GS using for it's backend?

I was looking in the jquery.fancybox.pack.js and it says 2.0.4 .

Fancybox 2 is free for noncommercial projects, so that's fine for GS backend use.

The Fancyboxplugin makes it available for frontend use though, so I assume the plugin cannot be used for commercial sites. Correct?

Also, could it be that this plugin is still using version 1 code, so some functions actually don't work?
What was GS version 3.0 release date?
no idea
(2015-07-31, 03:10:25)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]no idea

Apparently it was 26 march 2011:
Yeah i need to go back and tag those commits in github so i can make historical releases.
earliest in git is 3.3.2 i thnk. obviously not a priority in any sense
Yeah off course, I just wanted to check if Fancyboxplugin was maybe based on the assumption that GS was using Fancybox 1, but probably not. This is because some plugin functions don't seem to work. I was actually checking the documentation for version 1 for changing some stuff...

It would be nice if Fancybox (or other future lightbox type) and ckeditor version, code editor, etc. (probably all the stuff in /admin/template/js ) wil be listed somewhere in GS admin.
what functionality? the plugin literally calls 1 line of code does it not ?


if you want more functionality add it to your template.

you mean like this ?
or this
Yeah something like this in the GS admin interface somewhere (under support):
'getsimple'         =>  GSVERSION,
'ckeditor'          => '4.4.6',
'codemirror'        => '5.1.0',
'dropzone'          => '4.0.1',
'fancybox'          => '2.1.5',
'font-awesome'      => '4.3.0',
'jcrop'             => '0.9.12',
'jquery'            => '2.1.3',
'jqueryui'          => '1.11.3',
'jquery-mousewheel' => '3.1.12',
'scrolltofixed'     => '0.0.1',
'spin.js'           => '2.0.1'
But Added this somewhere via a link in would also work. Just a suggestion.
The idea is that this will be an external file, and generated during our asset build process (we dont have one )by bower or something, and users could use cdn and bump the versions whenever they feel like it. And plugins can check the versions and do stuff or modify them .