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Full Version: Plugins and Changed admin directory
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I have just installed 3.3.9
I changed admin directory in gsconfig and everything works fine except I unable to open the Plugins tab (plugins.php)
Warning: include_once(security_functions.php): failed to open stream:
When I change gsconfig back to default, plugins.php is fine.
I cleared cache but still unable to resolve the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.
Hmm interesting
whats the rest of the error? what file what line ?
Its probably a plugin that is not compatible with GSADMIN, Works fine for me.
Thanks Shawn.
For others: Change your admin login route (by changing admin directory + amending gsconfig) PRIOR to installing any plugins.
eg. If you change your admin route AFTER installing the Multi User Plugin V1.8.2 it will crash the plugins admin page. This may also be the case for other plugins.
Yeah makes sense i know there are other plugins also that are hardcoded to admin.