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Full Version: CKEditor still not usable
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I am frustrated. I updated to 3.3.10 with the new CKEditor 4.5.9, but it does the same unwanted stuff like before.

When I want to justify a page with a <p></p>, it makes a <p>&nbsp</p> without asking.
When I want to add a temporary edit with <span>Edit-Text</span>, it adds <p>...</p> around it.
What I edit manually, is generally changed without asking.

I know, formatting should be done with CSS, but sometimes, I want to edit something by hand. And CKEditor destroys it. I will have to keep it switched off.

What is your entermode set to ?

ckeditor wants top level elements for inline stuff, it kind of needs it to function properly, and prefers <p> for semantics.
have you tried any of these.

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {

   //   config.enterMode = 2; //disabled <p> completely
        config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR // pressing the ENTER KEY input <br/>
        config.shiftEnterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_P; //pressing the SHIFT + ENTER KEYS input <p>
        config.autoParagraph = false; // stops automatic insertion of <p> on focus
Hello Shawn,

thank you for showing me the options. Just reading them helps me to switch ckeditor off - or just switch it on temporary for some new pages.

I have some pages with semantic markup or with optical fine-tuning that does not work good with the editor. Since I use webfonts, I do not get WYSIWYG anyway but have to see the result in the browser. For me, ckeditor is only useful for beginning of completely new pages.

Thank you,

I wonder if you could just add a css rule to force the textarea visible always, and just use that, and leave ckeditor on.
Either way most people use entermode_br with no problems, one of the first things i change.

A live toggle would be a nice plugin addition, to add per page editor toggling
Quote:I wonder if you could just add a css rule to force the textarea visible always,

How could I do that?

Quote:A live toggle would be a nice plugin addition

What is a live toggle?

Of course I could try the <br> option. But the changes in itemscope itemprop settings are what confuses me most. I do not recognize it again after ckeditor was there.
We could add a button to toggle between the two and make it remember, on a per page basis.
Basically add a JS localstorage preference, or store in the actual page file. Editor on , editor off,

3.4 will have a cke/codemirror/plain toggle capability also.