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Full Version: getsimple via symlinks
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Hello to all,

I like getsimple very much and want to offer it to all my customers as the "standard CMS for small websites". Because of I want to update all installations autmoatically I have done the following:

- created a getsimple folder with all neccessary files and folders at a place, where all domains do have access to
- created a symbolic link to index.php and admin

...normally his should work - but it does not. I investigated that symbolic linking to two files in admin/incĀ folder breaks function:
- common.php

If this would not be this way I an simple update all CMS by updating the "master one". Of course themes and plugins customers have individually installed they must pdate by themselfes. They are responsible for their individual work Smile

It would be very great if these two files could be symlinked, too!

Best regards
can you add your findings here

i have not had time to investigate this

If you could add reproducibility case that would be awesome. so i can do to the same thing and try to fix it.
also what os ?

and how you are creating the symblinks
Of course - done.

Best regards