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Full Version: site migrated
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I've taken over the hosting of a simple-cms site, installed the current version etc, copied the user files over and just now upgraded to the latest version.

Most of the site is there I can get into the admin part etc. but there seem to be a mix-up with links to images. website is please feel free to have a look. Is there a setting in a file somewhere I need to address so it all points to the correct directories or links? I've done a check from th help menu and that all comes out fine.

many thanks

Unfortunately, CK Editor does not save the images as a relative link.

You can use this plugin to copy and replace all instances of the old url with the new one
Thanks Reaven, tried that but I've taken over the domain name as well. I tested the install under a different domain then after the DNS update changed it back to what it's supposed to be. So a straightforward install of your plugin into the correct domain seems not to work. Thanks for your suggestion though I can also see the value of your plugin in other circumstances.

there is a procedure in the wiki for migrating sites.
I don't know what the implications would be of same domain name on a new server, but if you are able to go back and follow the safe procedure it will likely work. GS has a one-click whole site archive backup system so if you have a backup you will be able to reconstruct the site faultlessly.

Oh! looked at your site. You have it fixed now. Nice Job!