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Full Version: CKeditor: Skins, & Tab spaces Indenting:
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2 Question/Problems:

— In CKeditor's config.js there is this line that sets the tab spaces:
config.tabSpaces     = 10;    
that seemed too much, so I changed it to read:
config.tabSpaces                   = 5;    
BUT it continues to output 10 speaces whenever I hit the tab key!

—2:   I also tried to change the editor skin, by unzipping a new CK theme into this folder:
And editing this:   = 'getsimple';
to:  = 'moono-dark';    
BUT it failed to make any appearance change at all.  

Am i Doing something wrong? Confused
Hi Shawn. It doesn't seem to be a cache problem. I just now tried it in another browser (Chrome, instead of Fx), and cleared its cache also. Same results. Are skin changes and tab space changes working for anyone else?
sorry for the confusion, i probably should not have left those in there.

In 3.3.x these are hardcoded in the edit.php still, so those in config.js are not applied.
you will have to override them in your gsconfig GSEDITOROPTIONS config, as config.js does not override inline settings.


define('GSEDITOROPTIONS', "tabSpaces:4,skin:'moono-dark',uiColor :null");
That worked! Thanks again.
in 3.4 all inline configs are removed so this can be done in config.js, but i did not want to change 3.3.x behavior in case plugins rely on it being the same.