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Full Version: POLL: Add ckeditor image drag drop
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Add feature to drag and drop right into the editor to core. Note this requires several ckeditor plugins and increases file size.
(2017-02-26, 09:15:19)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]Note this requires several ckeditor plugins and increases file size.

How many plugins and how big? CKEditor (2.8 MB) is currently two-thirds of the unzipped size of GS (4.2 MB for v3.3.13, not installed).
I personally enter all my image URLs manually with a custom relative path php snippet, so I'm not using any of the image/upload functionality but good old FTP ;-)
But I guess I'm not typical...


Okay, I found the GitHub issue that mentions this.

The plugin and dependencies don't seem to be too heavy, so I guess that's not a problem. How do you anticipate this working in practice? Will d'n'd images only be stored on the page that's being edited, or will they go into the uploads area?
(2017-02-26, 20:38:41)Thomas Helzle Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]But I guess I'm not typical...

There's nothing wrong with that!

I see a problem with site editors (i.e., not technical) dragging and dropping an image for a page and then not understanding why the same image isn't available to also add to a gallery, for example.
It goes to uploads, custom foldername or i gues we could popup subfolder.

You can edit gs to use relative urls, theres a forum thread all about ways.
Yeah, I think I tried them all, but those ways to use relative URLs did not work reliably for me or created other problems. My solution works fine and I guess I prefer the oldschool way and my dynamic link solution ;-)

I look forward to the integrated solution you have cooking though.

There was only yes and no on offer in the poll, otherwise I'd voted "I don't mind either way if it helps somebody" ;-)
I personally won't use it.


3.4 has relative urls but it has not been tested, not sure what problems you had but trhey might remain if it wasnt reported.
If it isn't a big increase over the current cke bundle, I would go ahead with drag and drop.

An alternative, if it's not too much extra work, would be making this a plugin.
But this may be left for later, #1135
We are gonna have to start zip and extracting ckeditor in core or move it entirely to a plugin. Problem is its easier to bundle the 5 plugins this feature requires. They add about 250k.

Gs is gonna get a smaller editor and cke will be plugin in 3.5 i am thinking since it gets bigger and bigger
(2017-02-28, 09:56:17)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]Gs is gonna get a smaller editor and cke will be plugin in 3.5 i am thinking since it gets bigger and bigger

Well, I hope CKeditor will always be a primary part of GS.   Ckeditor is the MAIN criteria for me for any CMS.   It is the ONLY editor with good, built in accessibility features that I, and millions of others, need,  (Tiny MCE, and all others I've tried, are horrible, IMPOSSIBLE for those of us who need these features.  For example, buttons of other editors are INVISIBLE on computers that use dark mode Black screens.)