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Full Version: Contact form
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Hi, I am using a template based on Emporium - when I fill out the contact form on my site and press send, I get an empty box and no text confirmation the form has worked.

Looking at the source, I see there is this line:

<p class="contactmsg success"></p>

There is clearly text missing... e.g.:

<p class="contactmsg success">Message sent</p>

But I can't find where this <P> is coming from - doesn't seem to be obvious. Any suggestions would be great.

Many thanks
In \admin\inc\contactform.php has the code.
At the end puts the text of confirmation....
if ($result) {
    echo '<p class="contactmsg success">'.$i18n['MSG_CONTACTSUC'].'</p>';

Many thanks for that. Do you have any idea why the 'MSG_CONTACTSUC' would not be parsing a result automatically?

Only reason I can think off is it missing from your language file. You could check that.
I'm having a similar problem with the built-in contact form. I'm using version 2.01 of GetSimple and my theme is based on Default_Simple.

When I submit the form it takes me back to the same form page with all the fields filled in. The information has been emailed, but it doesn't give the confirmation message. Very confusing for the user!

I have checked my language file and the appropriate entry is there. Any suggestions?

Edited to add: I have got a temporary workaround by replacing '.$i18n['MSG_CONTACTSUC'].' in the contactform.php file with the actual success message. This will work for the client since she will only ever be using English and upgrade won't be a problem as I understand the contactform won't be supported in the next version, but I'd like to track down why it doesn't work.
Likewise for me - the text is in my language file.

I also hard coded in a reply in the admin/inc/contactform.php.
you can try to change the following in contactform.php:
//set internationalization
    if($LANG != '') {
        //echo 'admin/lang/'.$LANG.'.php';
    } else {

comment include_once... and add include...

I remember something similar happening to me....

Thankyou, cumbe. That worked. Much appreciated.