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Full Version: Problem editing pages with tab panel
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I am using GetSimple with a custom theme built on Zurb's Foundation framework (current version 6.4.1). My site is at Editing the site using the CMS generally works quite well, but I have run into a show-stopping problem with editing Tab Panels. Within the CMS WYSIWYG page editor, it is not possible to see the tab panel content. The only way to edit pages that use tab panels is to edit the raw source code. That's fine for me given that I am familiar with web development, but this is not practical for the web site's content manager. Is there any way I can get GetSimple CMS to display the tab panel content in the WYSIWYG page editor?

Here is a link to one of the pages I am having trouble with as it uses tab panels:

Here is the code plus some examples of how Foundation implements their tab panels.

Thanks in advance for any help.