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Full Version: Do we need to pay yearly or monthly fees?
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Well as the title asks:

Do we have to pay a yearly or monthly fee to maintain a domain using GetSimple?

We had been paying someone else to maintain our website, but he had been charging us roughly 500 dollars plus change saying that it was a yearly fee. We had recently fired him and had taken over taking care of the website. 

Not sure if its necessary, but our website is:

Thank you in advance for the help!
I don't understand your problem. If you have fired your admin guy, then check your hosting and domain provider and see how much they charge you.
getsimple is just software running on your host, your host charges you fees, and you pay domain registration fees.
It depends on the amount of service you need, cheap hosting is $7 a month, private servers over $20, cloud based or large traffic hosting based could be way more. Who hosts your domain is who you pay, not us.

Your site looks tiny, surely you can save some money, unless you require someone to administrate it for you, then yeah that sounds about right minus their overhead. They were not pocketing that money, some of it goes to hosting, some to registration, and insurance and privacy, the rest is to cover upgrades and security patching time, also there could be other fees, like a leased forum, or other licensing, or SEO services. Expect to pay $30-$100/hour for these services, if you do not pay an up front contract price.
On your site there are two inclusions of jQuery, so the mobile menu does not work and the gallery too.
You use this free template.
You could buy this template. . There are a lot of different functions in the template.