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Custom fields - ragou - 2010-10-02

Quote:Thanks Mike... this was easily the most requested feature for plugins... thanks for doing this
Hi everybody,
At first - I am not PHP developer (progammer, coder etc.).
But I have proposition about "Custom fields" to developers.
When I create a new page I have the option to write unique meta tags for each page. I mean "key words" and
In my vision (sorry for the English) this could be enhanced as a custom field with a little change of the code.
I placed <?php get_page_meta_keywords() ?> in the <div id="bodycontent"> and meta tags appear on each page as content.
I'm sorry for my English again.
That's what I mean - following the same logic we can put unlimited numbers of custom fields and avoid the biggest (in my opinion) disadvantage of every simple CMS - cloning pages and putting content in some main area and everything else is the same. It depends just on the template.
If GS comes ready for meta tags for each single page, why something like this couldn't be placed where we want without needing to be a developer to do this. At last GS is CMS.
I hope that I explained what I wanted to instead of my English
Best Regards
One thing troubles me because I have no idea of how your search algorithm works and shall it be able to search in custom fields.
Because if someone has main content on each page and continuously changes content in some custom field(s) (News for example) then search function for this is highly needed

Custom fields - El-Cherubin - 2010-10-18

I think add the custom field is a really good idea, for the utilisation of ragou, or for this utilisation or to add a specific thumbnail attached to an article, and we could use it on a specific page (home, or other).