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Preloaders GS - multicolor - 2019-04-16

[Image: preloader.jpg]

This plugin add easy preloader to your websiteSmile
1.0 6 example with easy to replace for own.
This plugin use jquery, but you can disable this and use own.

RE: Preloaders GS - jfauche - 2020-01-11


Thanks for your plugin, it's work very well.
Just, preload animation isn't displayed because my GS project is in subdirectory.

RE: Preloaders GS - jfauche - 2020-01-13

PHP Code:

// Set up the folder name and its permissions
// Note the constant GSDATAOTHERPATH, which points to /path/to/getsimple/data/other/
$folder        GSDATAOTHERPATH '/' $plugin_id '/';
$preloadernumber  $folder 'preloadernumber.txt';
$jqueryon  $folder 'jqueryon.txt';

$site $SITEURL;
<div id="preload">

<img src="'
.$site.'/plugins/preloaders/img/'.file_get_contents($preloadernumber ).'.svg">

Hi again,

I changed preloaderstart.php like this. But I'm not a fiery dev... I juste added global variable SITEURL (found on forum).

RE: Preloaders GS - multicolor - 2020-01-23

But why you change something? Something doesnt work?

ofcourse try close php in end of codeSmile

RE: Preloaders GS - jfauche - 2020-01-26

Hi Wink

In fact, I wanted to test your plugin and I installed GS in a subdirectory before finalize a project.