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Chnage homepage - n00dles101 - 2009-08-07


Is there a simple way to change the homepage to another created page.

Thanks, Mike.

Chnage homepage - Derek - 2009-08-08

change the stub of the new page to "index"

Chnage homepage - n00dles101 - 2009-08-08

cool...thats fixed it , but broken everything else.... 8)

Chnage homepage - Derek - 2009-08-08

n00dles101 Wrote:cool...thats fixed it , but broken everything else.... 8)

How so?

Chnage homepage - n00dles101 - 2009-08-08

writing a blog plugin but it was looking for the blog slug, changing it to index has fecked it up.

should'nt take long to sort...


Chnage homepage - ccagle8 - 2009-08-08

Guys, the way this works, is the site will not allow you to remove the 'index' page nor name another page 'index'.

This is because every site needs a homepage (obviously) and since I designed this for the small business site - i wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

What you would have to do is find the index page, then past whatever you want on your homepage into that edit-screen.

Remember, this software wasn't created to be used as a blog or even to have a blog component. It's fine if people want to create ways to include one... but it wasn't in the original scope of the project.