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ICDM File Download Manager - ufopera - 2019-08-03

InCodDownloadManager - File Download Manager

Demo: InCodDownloadManager

The plugin allows you to place links and buttons to download files on your pages using shortcodes.
ICDM has options to customize the appearance of the "Download" Buttons, and provide your visitors with all or only selected information about the file, such as: file size and type, file name, download count.
But the main ICDM slow and not clogging your website, in contrast to the "mod1fy_dlmanager»

Two languages are available: Russian and English (machine translation)

[Image: incod_downloadmanager_icdm_2019-08-03_.png]

RE: ICDM File Download Manager - Rob1n - 2021-02-20


I can't get the download manager plugin top work. Everything looks OK until I click the "add new" button. The "add download file" box opens but nothing happens when i click the "file name" field, it just stays blank. I have made sure to upload a test file first to the download manager folder first. I am using version 3.3.16 of Getsimple and on php version 7.1

Any help would be appreciated.

RE: ICDM File Download Manager - ufopera - 2021-02-20

The files must be in this folder: /uploads/downloadmanager
The file extension can be specified in:
plugins/download_manager/config.php line-86 $ext ='zip,rar,pNg ,jpg,exe,avi,mp3,mp4';

So far it's hard for me to say what might be wrong.

RE: ICDM File Download Manager - Rob1n - 2021-02-22

Thanks for your help Ufopera, it was a pdf that I'd uploaded, and it worked when I added pdf that to the config file.

RE: ICDM File Download Manager - Rob1n - 2021-02-22

Great job! - It's an excellent plugin.

RE: ICDM File Download Manager - ufopera - 2021-02-22

Glad I could help.
This is my flaw, in the next version I will try to add the file extension settings to the plugin settings.

RE: ICDM File Download Manager - Oleg06 - 2021-02-24

Your plugin is in some way conflicting with the Martin Vlcek dynpages plugin
And there is also a warning
Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in W:\domains\mydomen1.ia\admin\inc\basic.php on line 1396