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Free Disk Space 1.0 - Joshas - 2011-03-04

here's a small plugin to show available free space on server in Files page in GetSimple administration backend. To install just extract archive and copy plugin file to /plugins directory in your server.

Free Disk Space 1.0 - Texta - 2011-03-04

Thanks. It's working fine.

Free Disk Space 1.0 - Joshas - 2011-03-13

Uploaded to GetSimple Extend -

Free Disk Space 1.0 - skiner - 2011-04-13


I have a 250 Mb hosting account but the plug in shows 1024 gb out of 1.5 Tb available. I guess that is an error, but i don't know where. I just thought you should know.

Nice ideea though.

Free Disk Space 1.0 - Joshas - 2011-04-13

Maybe it shows the free available space on whole server disk? I'll need to investigate this further.

Free Disk Space 1.0 - skiner - 2011-04-13


That could be possible, although it shouldn't. I checked the error log and this is the only error i get since i installet GetSimple: [12-Jan-2011 12:54:08] PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

I don't know if it's related to your plug-in. What else could I provide you with?

Thanks for your time