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Folder Permissions Error - Not Writable - Graphito - 2011-04-23

Well, I have some problems with the installation. I saw the forum topics dealing with this problem but it did not solved mine.

Unable to continue: Unable to write config file. CHMOD 777 the folders /data, /backups and their sub-folders and retry

GetSimple 3.0------------------------Latest version installed
PHP Version--------------------------5.2.13 - OK
Folder Permissions------------------Error - Not Writable
cURL Module--------------------------Installed - OK
GD Library-----------------------------Installed - OK
ZipArchive-----------------------------Not Installed - Warning
SimpleXML Module-------------------Installed - OK
Apache Mod Rewrite----------------Installed - OK


I did CHMOD 777 on everything only /data /backups and both. Do I need to contact my provider? because I can do only a 777 not a 755 etc.

Already thanks

Folder Permissions Error - Not Writable - Connie - 2011-04-23

1) did you try to run PHP in the way polyfragmented suggested (modifying .htaccess with one additional directive)?

2) for sure you should contact your hoster's support as GetSimple's requirements are not so very special, you might run in the same situation with other applications as well

3) ask your hoster's support to activate ZipArchive for you as well

Good luck!

Folder Permissions Error - Not Writable - Mehk - 2011-04-23

I just checked the domain, and it seems to me the Folder permissions are writeable now? so I'm guessing this is fixed?

Its also possible your hosting doesn't support "Option Indexes" on top of every .htaccess file that comes with getSimple which may also result in folders not being writeable.

Folder Permissions Error - Not Writable - Graphito - 2011-04-24

Yes it is fixed, the path of the structure was wrong.