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i18n Plugin with GetSimple CE - DC88 - 2023-10-18

I have installed the CE but some of the php scripts I used on GetSimple version  3.3.16 does not seem to work with the CE version. Can someone please tell me know what needs to be changed. Here is the php code that pulls data from special fields from sub pages and list them.

<?php    /* get the pages and sort them */
    global $pagesArray;
    $pagesSorted = subval_sort($pagesArray,'menuOrder'); // or 'title', 'menu', 'url', ...
    $thisPage = return_page_slug();
global $language;
$result = return_i18n_search_results($currentSlug,null,0,10,'+menuOrder',$language);

foreach ($result['results'] as $item) {  ?>

<?php echo $item->rowcolleftsubheader; ?> <?php echo $item->getExcerpt($item->rowcolleftcontents, '20'); ?>

<?php } ?>

RE: i18n Plugin with GetSimple CE - phewspinach - 2023-12-26

you need to check this code $result = return_i18n_search_results($currentSlug,null,0,10,'+menuOrder',$language);