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getPro Theme by - Nokes - 2011-11-18

Hello guys,

here is my second theme for getsimple. Featues: Sidebar and Header component, with a fixed width and I have compressed the CSS code for better load times.

GS Extend Link:

getPro Theme by - Connie - 2011-11-18


it looks nice! always has inspiring templates, good that they are ported to GS!

getPro Theme by - Nokes - 2011-11-18

This is my own creation Wink

getPro Theme by - paloxi - 2011-12-24

Nice Smile
but there 'is a problem with "I18N Gallery"
not seem to work...

(% gallery name=foto-gallery %)

does not show the gallery
can you do something?

tnx Smile

getPro Theme by - n00dles101 - 2011-12-24


<?php get_header(); ?>

somewhere in the <head> section.

getPro Theme by - Connie - 2011-12-24


please add an uncompressed CSS to your theme, just in case users want to modify something ;=)

and yes, the <?php get_header(); ?> is missing, this is elementary for a theme

Cheers and merry Christmas,


PS: I do not understand the screenshot, why do you use text from freecss-templates for the preview, which has no connection with your theme when you say it is your creation?