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InsAcademy Slider Issue - joe.odell - 2012-02-15


I've installed GS 3.0 and the InsAcademy Theme, and although it's perfect for most aspects of my site, I've had an issue whereby the scroller at the bottom displays the second set of images oddly.

The first set will load fine, as will the third and any subsequent sets, however the second will align the images one on top of the other, therefore leaving 2 gaps and one image with another visible beside it.

I've checked the CSS, and it renders like this on IE 7, 8 and 9.
However, this issue does not manifest on Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Also, the raquo's on the list are one line higher than the title text on the sidebar in IE, whereas in Safari they are in line.

The URL is

If you could help at all that would be greatly appreciated.



InsAcademy Slider Issue - Connie - 2012-02-15


did you read this:

Quote:You can edit slider.php to change the full screen wide slideshow and edit scroll.php to change the scroll in the bottom.
at the theme-page?

did you check here: ?

InsAcademy Slider Issue - joe.odell - 2012-02-15


Thanks for your reply; yep I have read the manual and am confident that the images are put in correctly.

My actual issue is not inserting the images, but the way the second scroll.php slide displays at the bottom.

If you view the website I linked above in Internet Explorer, and then scroll to the bottom, after a few seconds it will rotate around to the second slide, which you can easily identify as its the only one that displays abnormally.

Thanks Smile


InsAcademy Slider Issue - Connie - 2012-02-15

Joe, how many images are in that slider?

I once ran into problems of absolute absurde image sequences when the gallery (in that case bxslider) had more than 12 sliders

so maybe it is a question of numbers?

Well. I have no IE at hand, rarely use it, but I also have problems with Firefox:
I only see 2 images in a row, the third one in a second row and that only half ...

I would not investigate further but try another gallery, there are so many out now ;=)

InsAcademy Slider Issue - joe.odell - 2012-02-15

Hi Connie,

It happens if there are only 5, as in one short of a full second slide.
The one I have put up has 9 images, of which six work fine, and the middle three have issues.
Any subsequent slides have no affect on it, and obviously if there are only 3, there's no point in having a slider!

Thanks Smile