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SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - shawn_a - 2012-08-14

Well I cant see that being a problem I mean both are essentially shortcodes, makes it confusing. Mayeb dynpages should be (% component name %) instead.

SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - annathecrow - 2012-08-21

Thanks for the plugin! I needed a TOC badly and would have to make the thing myself - and you not only saved me all the work, but did it much better then I would (newbie, heh).

One thing though: I think the generated list badly needs at least an arbitrary class (e.g. "sa-toc") to be styled by. Catching a noname ul on a page that might have more than that one is a bit...tricky.

SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - yojoe - 2012-10-03

Shawn: did you have a look at Mvlcek's pagify 1.1 ?
Would it be possible to adjust toc plugin to work with pagify ?

ps. is it possible to disable toc on certain pages ?
I still haven't solved the problem with i18n_search serp showing pages that call toc plugin at the beginning.

RE: SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - shawn_a - 2012-12-08

RE: SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - jeremiah.holder - 2012-12-28

I am enjoying the use of the SA TOC plugin. However, has there been any improvement on it's use within a sidebar or component?

I'm new to PHP and can read my way through the code, but have not figured out a way to create a global that stores the TOC content and allows it to be read/parsed in any part of a dynamic page.

Any advise on how to make it work would be appreciated.

As an alternative, I am attempting a floating fixed <div> containing the TOC. The trick is having the text content wrap around the floating <div>. Any tips on this workaround would also be appreciated.

RE: SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - vanfruniken - 2017-05-30

There seems to be a small bug with detecting the indentation level in the TOC. (Either that, or I am not using the plugin correctlySad).
When the body of the page in which I use SA_Toc has the following succession of headers
H2 H3 H2 H3 H4 H3, I observe the following indentation (the last H3 is indented like the H2s)
H3 (this one is indented as H2)
I have tried this by interspersing those headings with (and without) body text, in various combinations.
There are also problems when heading levels are missing, but it may not be best practice to do that (I disagree, though).

macOS 10.12.5, GS 3.3.13 on a proper server (not localhost/myMac.local of MAMP)
<div id="tocBox" style="float:right;width:40%;margin-right:0;margin-left:4px;padding:2px; border-width:1px; border-radius:5px;border-color:#CCC;">
    <div style="padding:2px 0 0 3px"><b>TOC</b></div>
    <hr style="background:#CCC;" />
    <div style="padding:0 3px 0 2px;"><b>(% sa_toc %)</b></div>

   <h4>h4</h4><p>(the anomaly comes next)</p>
<h2>h2</h2><p>(here is another one:)</p>[/size]

<h1>h1</h1><p>(here is yet another one:)</p>
I think I removed all styling that could interfere with dotted lists, divs. (In the above, I used some indentation to sort of suggest what I would expect to happen in the actual rendering).

Can anyone reproduce this problem?

RE: SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - shawn_a - 2017-05-30

Ill take a look,

what do you mean by "when header levels are missing" , like H1,H3 etc?

RE: SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - shawn_a - 2017-05-31

you do realize that the plugin only indents ascenders, not descenders ?
Did you read the docs on my site ?

try abs mode

RE: SA Toc / Anchors Plugin - lupon - 2019-05-25

I have 120 pages. I want to automatically add "table of content" before the first <h2>. Is there any way to include it in that position? The somewhat difficult thing by modifying the php "sa_toc_anchors.php"?
thank you, excuse my english.