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Inspirational Music - Nijikokun - 2010-01-17

One I've been listening too lately: Worlds End Girlfriend - Singing under the rainbow [Posted on my blog for listening, link in my signature]


Inspirational Music - Zegnåt - 2010-01-17

Been doing a lot to Tip Of My Tongue and Sushi Girl by The Tubes. (Links point to Spotify tracks.)

Inspirational Music - vsky - 2010-01-17

Terminus, The Lesser Faith by Dark Tranquillity (love scandinavian music!)

Inspirational Music - ccagle8 - 2010-01-18

All I have on my ipod is System of a Down

Inspirational Music - oToom - 2010-01-18

Ah i'm and DnB guy, RnB all that really.

Pendulum i like.
Andy C.

Hmmm, other than dnb i kinda listen to anything. I also like Rise Against!

Inspirational Music - internet54 - 2010-01-18

ccagle8 Wrote:All I have on my ipod is System of a Down

I haven't listened to an ipod in about a year or so. I'm all Pandora Smile

Inspirational Music - ccagle8 - 2010-01-18

I'm on Pandora now... I don't use Pandora on the Blackberry to and from my way home from work, so I use the iPod there.

Inspirational Music - sysse - 2010-05-20

I usualy listen to stuff by Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones and Lily Allen while trying to be creative. Might need a switch-up though, since I rarely manage to make something good Smile

Inspirational Music - rozzmurri - 2010-06-02

I always listen to
I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly
You Gotta Be - Desree
When You Believe – Mariah Carey/ Whitney Houston
Such inspirational songs never fail to bring up the vibes in me and spice up my mornings.


Inspirational Music - jamesturner125 - 2010-06-11

I like Natasha Bedingfield songs.. They always lift me up Smile pokies nz

Inspirational Music - princesssakura - 2011-05-17

I listen to a lot of Damien Rice's songs. He really is a great artist and his songs have deep meanings. His songs are artfully crafted and inspirational, that I was definitely drawn to it the first time I heard it.

Inspirational Music - polyfragmented - 2011-05-18

I love listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms (link to a YouTube search for them) when working. It doesn't distract too much, keeps me concentrated and is generally a delight for my ears. The genre is something like "ambient space".

Inspirational Music - PSBundle - 2011-05-19

Maybe I'm showing my age, but a little Pink Floyd can go a long way Smile

Inspirational Music - polyfragmented - 2011-05-22

I've recently discovered the German band Kamee which works in the town I live in. They do some sort of ambient-jazz-downbeat-jungle type of music and I had the pleasure of attending a concert of theirs last night.

Edit: fixed the URL.

Inspirational Music - direct loans consol - 2011-05-24

Norah Jones and Lili Alen.. they are both great.. inspiring my day and life

Inspirational Music - markC - 2011-05-30

I love The Beatles, they have songs that are really inspirational. I listen to a lot of the 70s,80s and 90s music a lot. I feel that songs were better then than now and songs were more inspirational and have much more meaning.

Inspirational Music - GioFernando - 2011-06-11

For me, anything by Beethoven inspires me at work.

But on my own time it's got to be Bella Morte!

Inspirational Music - polyfragmented - 2011-06-11

GioFernando Wrote:Bella Morte
Good choice! Carpe Noctem ;-)

Inspirational Music - cherik - 2011-06-11

For me, probably Fur Elise, Beethoven or Canon in D, Pachelbel. Anything that is classical...

Inspirational Music - yurifanboy - 2011-06-12

Beethoven is good, however, I cannot ignore mentioning my favorite contemporary artist, Enya.

Inspirational Music - Origin - 2011-06-14

Enigma seems to work well for me.

My work music has to be wallpapery enough so it doesn't grab all my attention, but melodic enough to give my subconscious something to follow.


Inspirational Music - andrw.turner - 2011-06-21

My all time favorite "iris" by goo goo dolls I would say is the most inspirational song I've ever heard.

Inspirational Music - polyfragmented - 2011-06-25

Electric Universe - "Longing":

Biosphere - "Hyperborea":

Inspirational Music - designthing - 2011-06-27

John Barry, Lalo Shifrin, Thomas Newman, James i like Filmscore music. Weird Huh?

Inspirational Music - eloiseg886 - 2011-08-11

cherik Wrote:For me, probably Fur Elise, Beethoven or Canon in D, Pachelbel. Anything that is classical...
I thought I was the only one into classical, glad to see that's not the case. Actually for me it's baroque.
I find it both relaxing and inspiring, especially Bach and Haendel, brilliant!

I also love Sims3 main theme song, does anyone else listen to game music or I'm the only weirdo around?