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link to a subsite in the navigation - ale - 2012-10-09


i've been using for some time getsimple cms and i'm rather happy with it.

it's simple to use, lean and still i manage to manage a little site with it...

i'd like to use it for another site i'm setting up, but there is one thing that bothers me: i'd like to be able to add in the navigation a link to the forum i've installed... and i don't see a way to do that.

... the menu manager is there: for the person(s) who created it, it should ne be hard to add it :-)

i could also try to program it*, but i would first need to know if it fits in the plans for the future development of getsimple cms


* well, i really would not to have to program it myself, since i should concentrate on the content of the platform...

P.S.: i don't know why, but i managed it to put it in the wrong section...

link to a subsite in the navigation - Connie - 2012-10-09

check this:

there is a chapter "internal/external links"

link to a subsite in the navigation - ale - 2012-10-10

hi connie!

i think that it's the solution!

... even if it adds lot of features that i don't need (yet)


p.s.: greetings from a dyslexic who clicks on a link starting with "r" in the right lower corner of a message and is sure that it's the reply button...

link to a subsite in the navigation - Carlos - 2012-10-10

Another way to do it without plugins, if you only need to add links at the beginning or end of the menu, could be:
Find the get_navigation(...) tag in your template files. It should be between <ul>...</ul> tags. Insert a <li>...</li> with your external site link before or after the get_navigation call.

Example: in Innovation theme, file:

<!-- main navigation -->
                <nav id="main-nav">
                        <li><a href="">GetSimple CMS site</a></li>
                        <?php get_navigation(get_page_slug(FALSE)); ?>
                        <li><a href="">Google</a></li>

(On most other themes it'd be in template.php)

RE: link to a subsite in the navigation - elubben - 2015-05-17

Thanks Carlos. I'll give it a try once I figure our what I'm adding...