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identify user within plugin - drking - 2012-12-24

Hi - there seems to be good documentation on hooks/filters, but I'd like to be able to identify a user within a plugin (so that I can conditionally let them do something).

I think I can see how it's done in the multi-user plugin:
$current_user = get_cookie('GS_ADMIN_USERNAME');
which is not exactly re-assuring, and I worry that it might change in future versions.

Have I missed a section of the docs that tell me formally about this? Or is this something still too early in the development phase to be used?

Thank you

RE: identify user within plugin - shawn_a - 2012-12-24

Since we do not support multiple users in core there are not very friendly functions for this.
That will work though.
Also the global USR

RE: identify user within plugin - drking - 2012-12-24

(2012-12-24, 04:05:29)shawn_a Wrote: Also the global USR

Ah, that's more like it - thank you!