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menu-manager.php tag childpages - uitdecom - 2013-02-10

Just a little tweak to make the menu-manager (admin backend - drag and drop menu order) look a little bit more organised by giving all childpages a 'hasparent' class.

changed the following in menu-manager.php on line 66:

if ($page['parent'] != '') {
                    echo '<li class="clearfix hasparent" rel="'.$page['slug'].'">
                                            '. $page['menu'] .' <em>'. $page['title'] .'</em>
else {
                    echo '<li class="clearfix" rel="'.$page['slug'].'">
                                            '. $page['menu'] .' <em>'. $page['title'] .'</em>

Now the menu-items with a parent can be styled differently (for example I've set a margin-right on li.hasparent strong, so every childpage has an indent)

Perhaps someone can simplify the code a bit, and have a look if it has any side effects?

RE: menu-manager.php tag childpages - mvlcek - 2013-02-10

(2013-02-10, 00:54:02)uitdecom Wrote: so every menu-item with a parent gets a hasparent tag and can be styled differently (I set a margin-right on the li.hasparent strong }

Why would you need this? You can just use CSS like this:
Code: li { /* styles for top level */ } li li { /* styles for children */ } li li li { /* styles for 3rd level entries */ }

RE: menu-manager.php tag childpages - uitdecom - 2013-02-10

There are no nested lists in the drag and drop menu-manager in the admin/backend.

This is just to make it a bit clearer to see what is a child page and what isn't.