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GetSimple Slow? - dianajo - 2013-03-08

I converted a static (table based) site to GetSimple CMS (and CSS) for a client. They are now stating that it is really slow to load. I've not experienced this, but I'm wondering if anyone has noticed any slow behaviors from their GetSimple based sites?

I'm going to take a look at the CSS and see if I can lighten it up at all (possible redundancies) and switch the google location of jquery and see if that helps but I can't imagine the CSS and the jquery could be the problem of "really slow". They asked me to put their old site back online, so no live version to test. They host with Godaddy and I suspect that may be the issue, but have no way to test that theory.

Any ideas? The site is extremely image intense (as most table based sites were) and I eliminated about 30 spacer images from each I can't account for the perceived increase in load time.

ETA: says the version running getsimple is loading in 6.2 seconds and the static version is loading in 1.6...

RE: GetSimple Slow? - shawn_a - 2013-03-08

Badly configured I suppose or something is not being cached. Check out my dev tools an page time plugins to see some stats on the site load times.

Also what plugins are you using? If you have a site up I'll take a look at it for you.

RE: GetSimple Slow? - shovenose - 2013-03-08

What does say?
Even though honestly I think it's GoDaddy causing the performance issue.

RE: GetSimple Slow? - dianajo - 2013-03-08

Plugins: FAQ Manager 1.1, i18n Custom Fields 1.8.4, News Manager 2.3.3 and Multiuser 1.8.2. Fancy URLS are on.

Pingdom says page size is a total of 298kb and page load is 3.06 secs (on my personal host, since they had me pull the GS site)

Their original site on GoDaddy is a total of 216.5 kb and page load is 2.68 seconds.

GS 196kb is images, Scripts 88.1 kB (jquery); CSS 7.0 kB; HTML 6.8 kB

Original 213.5kb is images, remainder is badly formed HTML

Now, the version of their site I can test right now is on my personal web server and their original version is still on GoDaddy. It doesn't appear to be a measurable difference. New version also has meta data that the old lacked, etc.

Is there a way to cache server side? The majority of the pages will only be modified occasionally. If I switch to the Google location of jquery, they may have that already cached which would save them 88 kB...

Maybe the problem is jQuery which I used to replace the old Dreamweaver rollover code to make their rollover menu more flexible for the templating system. Of course, it also degrades to text if the images or JS don't work, something I thought was highly beneficial.

ETA: Replaced the local jquery call to the ajax version and got load time down to 2.43 seconds on my server.

RE: GetSimple Slow? - shovenose - 2013-03-09

This is very odd then.
Can you either post a link to the site or email me a link,, I'd be interested in taking a look.

RE: GetSimple Slow? - Carlos - 2013-03-09


GS version?
How many pages?
Many custom fields?
Is there any memo/longtext field?

RE: GetSimple Slow? - shawn_a - 2013-03-09

Should have left the site up in a dev folder

RE: GetSimple Slow? - shovenose - 2013-03-09

Oh and please confirm you are running latest version 3.2.0