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[Resolved] Autosave doesn't work ? - krysttof - 2013-05-10

I try to use the autosave, but the pages are not saved !
In my gsconfig.php, at the ligne 64, I have :
PHP Code:
, without #.
I save the file.
I open a page.
The counter is display : Autosaving is ON (60 s).
I modified the page.
I have the message : Page sauvegardée automatiquement à 5:31 PM.
If I quit the page and if I open it again, the changes are not saved !
Why ?
Where is my mistake ?
Thank's for help !

RE: Autosave doesn't work ? - shawn_a - 2013-05-10

They are saved as drafts to the autosave directory.
This is still experimental.

To enable it to save as pages, you can modify changedata.php
and remove the GSAUTOSAVEPATH. part
PHP Code:
        if (isset($_POST['autosave']) && $_POST['autosave'] == 'true') {
        } else {

In fact you can probably remove the whole block of code
and replace with just
XMLsave($xml, $file);

RE: Autosave doesn't work ? - krysttof - 2013-05-10

OK for experimental mode, I do not know.
Thank's for the code !