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PHP script not running - addi - 2014-02-28

Hello, i have no idea about how this cms actually handles things, so i have to ask you people.

The problem is:
I have a little mail script which is called by a form. When the script file mail.php is opened, it is just blank white page in the browser and it does not execute any php at all or display any content. Is it some kind of security preventing it?

How can i solve this? (move to some direction or add some privileges or something)?

Need help ASAP!
Thank you.

RE: PHP script not running - Everyone - 2014-02-28

  1. [Image: poster2015.jpg]
  2. How is this tied to the cms?
  3. Can't this be solved simply by using a contact form plugin?

RE: PHP script not running - shawn_a - 2014-02-28

check your error log
check your error log

this is a php white screen of death