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NewClear Theme - Timbow - 2014-03-29

Uploaded to Extend

Rewrote the free template clearfigure to make it fully responsive and fluid from 320px to extra-wide screen, new fonts, changed layout and spacings and new colours.

Add custom sidebars easily. Use your own banner images easily. Theme is in use here:


RE: NewClear Theme - flanders77 - 2014-04-02

(2014-03-29, 00:08:41)Timbow Wrote: Use your own banner images easily.

Dear Timbow,

I just installed your theme and I fail in putting in a costum banner. I followed the instruction but it does not work. Is there anything else to do other than commenting/uncommenting and uploading the image 'slug'.jpg to the images folder?

Thanks for your support!


RE: NewClear Theme - Timbow - 2014-04-03

If you look at your index page source through your browser you should have:
    <div id="banner" style="background-image:url(">
and in the images folder /theme/NewClear/images should be your images: index.jpg, about.jpg, contact.jpg .

My Power Station picture is named index.jpg so if you have not changed it you will still see it.

RE: NewClear Theme - flanders77 - 2014-04-03

That worked. I just did not understand how to rename properly. Thanks for the quick help.


RE: NewClear Theme - Samir - 2014-07-14

I just installed your theme and I fail in putting in a custom tittle. Can you help me?

RE: NewClear Theme - Timbow - 2014-07-14

(2014-07-14, 04:58:44)Samir Wrote: I just installed your theme and I fail in putting in a custom tittle. Can you help me?
You need to get the plugin, upload it and activate it. Then in Page Options you should have a box to fill in whatever you want as html <title> .

If you have done that and it still doesn't work let me know here.

RE: NewClear Theme - flumdus - 2015-04-04

Hello Timbow,
Nice clear theme.
I want to place two pictures (logo, left and right from the title) in the header-wrapper but I don't know how I could do this. Can you help me in this case?

Thank you in advance.


RE: NewClear Theme - Timbow - 2015-04-05

No totally without looking through it I can't remember, but I see there is a div id="logo" which has the site title in it as an h1, so you would find that in the template and put your images in there and give them size and position with the css. You would have to do it the same for each template you use because those template files are not split into parts.

Ask me in the week if you can't do it and I will help you then.

RE: NewClear Theme - flumdus - 2015-04-11

Hello Timbow,
Thank you for your answer, I solved it with the div id="logo"-thing.
That was what i wanted.