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I18N Extras - mganko - 2014-06-21

This plugin adds new features to I18N multilanguage plugin.

Buttons that allows you to easy copy all or single field text from other language version of edited page. To enable go to plugins tab and click: Configure I18N Extras.

It requires I18N plugin installed. It supports additional fields created by I18N Special Pages plugin.

[Image: i18nextras1.jpg]

RE: I18N Extras - xxdex - 2014-06-23

EN- great work! thank You mganko!
PL- świetna robota stary! dzięki mganko! ;-)

RE: I18N Extras - 0zz - 2018-05-11

Hi! The plugin doesn't copy Custom Fields data. Is it possible to fix that? Thank you!