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Holidays - Artur - 2014-08-03


Template made with Bootstrap 3 front-end code and it's derivative, "less". It is fully responsive, two-column based theme with dominant white colour. Validated HTML5/CSS3 usage.

Demo can be seen here:

[Image: screenshot.png]

RE: Holidays - Artur - 2015-07-07

Updated to 1.1.

RE: Holidays - maco-nl - 2015-07-25

Hi Arthur
is it possible the demo isn't responsive ?
got on the tablet and mobile phone a normal website , not really mobile friendly ?

RE: Holidays - Faramir - 2015-07-26

Mmmh that's correct, the theme is not responsive.
But the documentation page is Smile

RE: Holidays - Artur - 2015-07-26

Yeah, I need to make new stylesheet for mobile devices, previous one I deleted due to long loading of few elements.