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RewriteBase question in .htaccess - stryker - 2014-11-25


I have a generic RewriteBase question that I hope somebody can help me with.

I have a standard install of GS and I have also just installed a shopping cart (CS CART) that I want to operate concurrently with the main website. (Ie a link will exist from the main site to the store script.

Main website (using XAMPP): localhost/xyzfolder/
CS Cart install location: localhost/xyzfolder/store/

The CS Cart script does not work because everytime I click on a product it gets redirected to the home page of the main website.

when I change the RewriteBase statement in the main website folder (not the store subfolder) to;

RewriteBase /xyzfolder/store/ (from RewiteBase /xyzfolder/)

The CS Cart works OK and products can be viewed but of course this breaks the main GS website.

I just want to use the main website normally and use a link to access the ON-LINE Store.

Can anybody help with some advice on what to put in the .htaccess file so both can work OK.

As mentioned I believe this is just a generic .htaccess coding issue but I'm a bit lost when it comes to .htaccess statement.

Thanks in advance.

RE: RewriteBase question in .htaccess - shawn_a - 2014-11-26

GS and the cart should be next to each other.


or you need to fix the cart rewrites to goto the subdirectory.

RE: RewriteBase question in .htaccess - stryker - 2014-11-26

Thankyou Shawn.

Your response has pushed me in the right direction and the issue is now resolved by modifying the carts .htaccess

RewriteBase /xyzfolder/store/

Pretty straightforward really when you think about it Smile