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Referrer Blocker - HelgeSverre - 2016-01-18

Hey guys, I've written another plugin for GetSimple, hope you find it useful.

Referrer Blocker is a plugin that inspects the referrer of a website visitor, and checks it against a
list of referrers that are known to be spammy and/or malicious, it will return a 404 not found error if
the client's referrer matches any in the list.

The list of referrers is initally empty, but you can fetch a good list by clicking the "Fetch List" button
in the top right of the plugins setting page, this list is fetched from

All credit for the list goes towards their contributors.

[Image: screenshot.png]

[Image: referrer_blocker_log.png]

  • Add custom referrers
  • Whitelist IP addresses (bypasses referrer check)
  • English and Norwegian language
  • Logging of all blocked requests, using GetSimple's logging class and viewer
GitHub - Extend - Website

This plugin is currently running on my norwegian business website if anyone want's to try it out, you can spoof your referrer by using this chrome extension:

RE: Referrer Blocker - HelgeSverre - 2016-01-24

If anyone have any feature requests or feedback that would be great Smile

RE: Referrer Blocker - davetest - 2016-01-31

Great plugin, thanks for your work.