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Doodle like Calendar Feature - whytwo - 2016-03-28

Hello all,

I'm looking for a GetSimple developer who can create a doodle like calendar in my group website.
After I tried the calendar and events plugins, but their feature do not support my requirement. My PHP skill does not enough to modified the plugins.

My requirements are:
1. A Calendar event, which any visitor of my website can create a new event on this calendar.
2. However the visitor must know a public secret key. If the visitor entries a wrong public key, then the event will be rejected
3. There are 3 fields: name of creator, date (after clicking a date on calendar), and description.
4. The created events will be automatically deleted after 1 year.
5. No database is required

The requirements are just like if you entry your name on an existing doodle calendar.

Please send me a PM if you can do this job for me and tell me your price.