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Help... change font - Pompeii - 2017-01-12

I am looking to change the fontĀ on a theme called Elegant responsive.

I changed the style.css but that didn't seem to work.

After messing around for 4 hours, I figured I would ask someone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

RE: Help... change font - Timbow - 2017-01-12

It isn't really a GetSimple question, just a straightforward css edit. You do it like this:

Select the text in question and use your browser's developer tools to identify which css declarations are active. Test changes live in the browser if you want, then edit the css file.

In Chrome the developer tools are accessed by right click and choosing Inspect.

RE: Help... change font - Artur - 2017-01-13

Yeah, and if it is a font from Google or any website, you need to import it in css stylesheet or in template file.

RE: Help... change font - shawn_a - 2017-01-13

could it be using less or sass

RE: Help... change font - Carlos - 2017-01-13

Perhaps check with another browser or machine in case you're getting a cached version of style.css?

BTW there's a support thread for this theme: