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Support needed - shawn_a - 2017-07-15

I am looking for forum moderators, we have had a massive influx of spammers.

I need volunteers for spammer moderation.
We use the purge spammer plugin, so it real easy to remove spammers and all their posts with 1 click, but I need members that are on the forum alot, or have time to check in everyday and check for spam.

I literally have to remove stuff every morning CST.

I also need someone to do the legwork of researching and recommending mybb spam prevention methods, It takes a bit of time to follow the forums and plugins for working solutions, as plugins stop working are unsupported, or break after upgrades ( this is what has lead to our current situation ) several plugin no longer are working to prevent link posting etc.

Read the spam forums at mybb and find UP TO DATE solutions for us.

I do not have the time to maintain the code, forum, and mybb install all by myself.


RE: Support needed - n00dles101 - 2017-07-15

Hey Shawn,

I'm still still here daily checking the forums and deleting spammers whenever I see them. There are obviously a few getting in between me going to bed and you guys in the US. I'll keep at it....


RE: Support needed - datiswous - 2018-04-27

Do you still need help? I'm usually online once every day at least so I could help out, although I don't see much spammers lately (I guess I'm still learning to spot them).

RE: Support needed - shawn_a - 2018-04-27

Yes, but its not bad after i fixed some holes