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    Thread: Search plugin (I18N)
Post: Search plugin (I18N)

mvlcek Wrote: -- kuba.sanitrak Wrote: -- Oops! Page not found! ... -- The reason is that the lang parameter is added with a '?' instead of a '&' as separa...
kuba.sanitrak Plugins 722 1,906,594 2011-02-09, 02:02:12
    Thread: Search plugin (I18N)
Post: Search plugin (I18N)

Oops! Page not found! Hello, I am trying to work this out, but no success after many tryouts. I can get news/search res displayed correctly but when links to acctual pages clicked I get this Oops cal...
kuba.sanitrak Plugins 722 1,906,594 2011-02-08, 02:07:11
    Thread: nSys News System plug-in
Post: nSys News System plug-in

Hi there. I am trying to install this plugin, but could not locate the plugin folder - Unzip archive and upload it's content to plugins folder (file nSys.php to plugin folder, and folder nSys to plugi...
kuba.sanitrak Plugins 61 141,459 2010-06-03, 05:31:25