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    Thread: News Manager (updated)
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Carlos Wrote: (2016-02-13, 06:16:27) -- dvawolk Wrote: (2016-02-12, 21:56:40) -- BTW, in the single post view i havent found the option to make the post image clickable for original size image... Am...
dvawolk Plugins 1,733 4,447,565 2016-02-14, 05:49:51
    Thread: Scroll Me Up Plugin
Post: RE: Scroll Me Up Plugin

Hi. I installed it and button does not show... not sure why is that.. Pages are small but still more than 400px scrolling...
dvawolk Plugins 9 21,732 2016-02-13, 17:23:28
    Thread: News Manager (updated)
Post: RE: News Manager (updated)

Carlos Wrote: (2016-02-05, 00:07:52) -- @dvawolk Can you check if, after updating the plugin, there's a .htaccess file in the plugins/news_manager/browser folder? (That file should contain Allow ...
dvawolk Plugins 1,733 4,447,565 2016-02-12, 21:56:40
    Thread: News Manager (updated)
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Hi, All. I think i need some help... I added Grill theme to my site which includes News Manager v3.0. It all works okay. But when i update plugin to the v3.2.3, i get problems (I updated directl...
dvawolk Plugins 1,733 4,447,565 2016-02-04, 20:50:58
    Thread: Scroll to top
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Hi! This is a useful plugin, but on it does not work as it should. It does not scroll but it just jumps to the top of the page... What would be the problem here?
dvawolk Plugins 8 19,076 2016-02-04, 08:17:38