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    Thread: Cookies Plugin
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hi, thanks looks great so far. but it seems like there is a problem to display the translation.
oldRemovedUser Plugins 25 43,754 2013-12-04, 10:14:10
    Thread: i18N: Information at non-translated pages
Post: RE: i18N: Information at non-translated pages

While messing around with the plugin i18n ( I've found a quick and dirty way to realize that by dropping this code at i18n_base.php Code: -- // cust...
oldRemovedUser Plugins 2 6,387 2013-05-22, 20:17:05
    Thread: Support for multilanguage sites, Internationalization (I18N)
Post: RE: Support for multilanguage sites, International...

If I set the visibility of a page to private, I can't see it in the local page menu dropdown whenever I want to create a local link. I bet if I make a small modification at the php files it would w...
oldRemovedUser Plugins 1,067 2,836,024 2013-05-08, 12:47:59
    Thread: URI Redirect Plugin
Post: RE: URI Redirect Plugin

This plugin looks damaged, because it doesn't respect custom page suffix and it isn't redirecting to the "fail-back" language which I've set for my pages, whenever no language has been provided. I ...
oldRemovedUser Plugins 26 71,914 2013-03-30, 11:04:02
    Thread: i18N: Information at non-translated pages
Post: i18N: Information at non-translated pages

Hello folks! I would like to know if it's possible to add a link or something to a page, everytime when an other language of the page has been called but hasn't been translated yet. Let's say I have...
oldRemovedUser Plugins 2 6,387 2013-03-22, 23:59:49