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Remove sitemap (GS 3.1)
GetSimple version 3.1 generates a sitemap.xml file in the root of the site, even if you have disabled pinging to search engines.

If you want no sitemap.xml file, you can use this plugin: it deletes the file just after it has been generated.

Download Remove sitemap for GS 3.1.x in Extend:

Installation: Uncompress fle and copy/upload the removesitemap.php file to your plugins folder.

0.1 initial release
0.2 does not ping search engines even if GSDONOTPING is not defined in gsconfig.php
Don't you think that "generate sitemap" button should be brought back, like it was in GS2.0x ?
Thus disabling automatic sitemap generation in gsconfig would still allow to generate the sitemap manually from time to time.
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The more options to choose from, the better. These were my suggestions on this matter:

Having back a "generate sitemap" button, as you say, could also be a nice option.
Maybe a plugin could do it.
Remove sitemap version 0.2 (Extend download)

Does not ping search engines even if GSDONOTPING is not defined in gsconfig.php
I was searching for a way to turn off the site map on a private site that is not indexed and followed on Google that needs to have anonymous deep links.

I found in the config file an option to turn off the generation of site maps. So I just switched it off. This way it doesn't make one, and doesn't need to be deleted.

Why did you choose to delete it, rather than just reset that variable? Is this better than just changing the variable?
This is an old thread for v3.1 I am guessing that is why.
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Yes, I made this plugin for GS 3.1, that did not have the GSNOSITEMAP setting.
Sorry for reviving an old thread.

One reason why one may not want an unfettered sitemap.xml is that it is readable by anyone, not just well-behaved search engines. An unsuspecting GetSimple noob admin may not be aware of this issue.

On my site I would consider it safer to NOT list in the sitemap.xml the following irrelevant pages
  • anything outside the index.php hierarchy
  • forms, whether or not in that hierarchy
  • 404 page, search page
  • maintenance/development pages (even though I make those only viewable for visitors with an admin login, it is awkward to have those page names exposed to everyone).
Is there a plugin that does that, or is there a filter function (e.g., based on a "_nositemap" tag) that I can apply to "sanitize" the sitemap.xml the way I want? (and how).
I am aware of the core filter "sitemap" mentioned on the plugins:hooks_filters wiki page, but, not being a plugin dev (at this point), don't see how I could use the feature e.g., in a component. This is really what I am asking for.

I understand plugin(s) already exist that allow the sitemap to be disabled altogether, but an intermediate solution with a filtered sitemap would be helpful.

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