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CKeditor, "more" tag...
From time to time someone asks for excerpts that don't strip html tags (both in blog/news plugins and GS itself).

Would it be possible to have buttons in CKeditor that let you easily insert html snippets like:

<a name="more"></a>





If so, we could have a php function that extracts just the content until the "more" tag, to have this kind of "rich" excerpt.
(Some </div> or </p> could be missing after stripping it, so something should be done to fix this. I have to take a look at how WP does...)

We discussed this somewhere else, there are a few implementations of this.
ckeditor has default support for pagebreaks, we would need to determine what to output.

Probably stick with wordpresses implementation or drupals.
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I recently made a couple of buttons to ckeditor for another CMS, which inserts {cut} and [page]
you can do that with a template

I described it in the german website:

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
I'm curious, can you post more info? (or PM it to me if you prefer)

Thank you, I bookmark it for future reference.

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