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I18n navigation - child pages menu
I need to display a menu with child pages of a defined parent. Unfortunately when I go with
PHP Code:
<?php get_i18n_navigation'defined-parrent-slug'2,2I18N_SHOW_PAGES ); ?>
then entries of that menu don't get a 'current' class when their corresponding pages are loaded.

I traced the issue to i18n_navigation/frontend.class.php, function getMenu(). There's this line:
PHP Code:
$currenturl $breadcrumbs$icu ]; 
If I change it to
PHP Code:
$currenturl return_page_slug(); 
everything seems to work correctly, breadcrumbs are working normally and menu entries get their 'current' class.

My question is what's the purpose of this line, why was it made like that and what are the consequences of my hack?
perhaps ask in the plugins support thread.
see the support link ?
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Sorry, my bad. Can this thread get deleted?

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