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SOLVED Strange Bug Causes Code Insertion
I have a very strange bug that has appeared in a site I haven't used in awhile.   This site uses the 'club' theme, which allows putting the content in 3 or more columns, and having that change responsively, by device.  It always worked fine for years.
However, now the 1st column dissapears!  When I looked at the source view in ckeditor I find the first div now has this:
        <div class="threecolumn fullwidth" rip-style-backup="" style="display: none;">
something injected the following bad code:
         rip-style-backup="" style="display: none;"
So I removed it, but it comes right back as soon as I go back to the normal working view in ckeditor.  If I directly remove the offending code from the /pages/pagename.xml file, all works fine.   But if I ever open the ckeditor again that bad text is auto-inserted!
So I made a workaround with a fake div at the top of the page:
<div name="fake" rip-style-backup="none" style="display: none;">
<div class="threecolumn fullwidth">
That works!   But obviously, I'd like to understand and get rid of whatever is auto inserting the bad code.  
As far as I can tell with monitoring, I do not have any malware nor been hacked.   I think??!.   This may have been caused by a new plugin or update?  Or ckEditor??
Any ideas?   Or ways to track this down?
I have  GetSimple CMS – Version 3.3.4.  
My plugins are GSCkeRelativeUrls, I18N Gallery, and p01-contact.  

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