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Responsive images
Hi guys,

Thank you for your answers.

Ok so, I got to the same point that I was before, I will leave it like it is so you guys can see it.

If you go now to, you will see two images.

Please have a look at how it looks like the editor now in the attachment, there is a new image attached in the initial query.

So what is doing:

-If I only leave the coding part, the browser does not display any image.
-If I have both the browser display both and the one with the rules is showing as I was looking for.

In this case, what can I do to have only the correct image display?
Maybe is a luck of admin level as I just got access to have the website update but I did not code it.

The rules showing like the background-size : cover is automatically being apply by the own theme I believe but looking in my admin user I don't have any option to get into the code.

Again thank for your time. Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys.

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