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Server Problems: GetSimple Forum is always Down??
The GetSimple Forum has been down nearly every night I tried to access it this year. I only get the 'NGINX –Bad Gateway' errors. But I don't see any mention of this on the site? Am I the only one seeing it down all the time???
It worries me about whether GetSimple is going to be able to continue, so I've gone back to learning about Wordpress, although I prefer GetSimple.
I don't know where you Host, but moving to a VPS (such as Digital Ocean or even cheaper, Vultr, might help the stability issues of the server. (And can set it up for free)
Maybe there should be an ongoing thread here to discuss the server problems, and what to do about it. There are probably some knowledgeable Nginx server techies here.
Also, it would be good to have a listed twitter account where news can be posted about the server being down, and when it's expected to be up again. Otherwise people get the impression that GetSimple is gone for good, which would be sad indeed.

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Server Problems: GetSimple Forum is always Down?? - by Arugula - 2018-02-22, 04:34:45

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