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Server Problems: GetSimple Forum is always Down??
Where are the spambots coming from? Most come from China, or a few other nations. If you have very few or no actual users in those places, then consider blocking ALL the IP addresses coming from those countries. Yes, that's extreme, but it could keep GS alive!!
Also, security experts often write that the MOST effective security is to allow only from a certain list of approved IP addresses. So as an extreme last resort: members could maybe fill out a form and submit their IP address, to be allowed to post. Of course, some internet providers change users IP every month. So in those cases, there would need to be some easy form or way to update their IP address. I read that's 100% effective, everything else can sometimes get hacked.

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RE: Server Problems: GetSimple Forum is always Down?? - by Arugula - 2018-02-25, 13:34:00

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