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CKE Editor styles (CSS) for backend
Dear friends,

I need some help for a very basic question concerning the CKE Editor config.

I just want to add some lines of CSS for the displaying of content in the editor area (backend).

For example:


img { max-width: 100%; }


My images are scaled in frontend-CSS with relative values anyway and I often upload them with a bit higher resolution than needed for a slightly better look on retina displays.

As the are displayed in "1:1" size in the backend editor view, this is a littlebit unhandy.


I tried to change "contents.css" in "../admin/template/js/ckeditor" but this seems to have no effect at all.

Do I have to enable the file somewhere in the page getsimple or CKE configuration before?

Any ideas or help would be more than appreciated

Best regards,

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CKE Editor styles (CSS) for backend - by Holger - 2018-05-19, 22:39:59

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