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V3LSEC: Very3 Login Security
(2020-08-26, 15:27:54)tiamot Wrote: I recently updated my CMS to version 3.3.16 and tried installing this plugin.
When I copied the add-on to the /plugins directory, it showed up in my admin plugins tab.

$ls plugins
anonymous_data  anonymous_data.php  very3_login_security  very3_login_security.php

When I activated it, it remained deactivated and my site and admin pages were blank when I refreshed them.

I'm not seeing any problems with V3LSEC on 3.3.16, I'm running 3.3.16 on several servers without issue. If you've copied over the data and plugins directories from a previous install (you should), make sure to chown the data directory to the web server process user, usually www-data.

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